dinsdag 4 juli 2017

Eindexamententoonstelling Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam

Zoals elk jaar presenteren ook dit jaar eindexamenstudenten hun werk op de examententoonstellingen op de diverse nederlandse kunstacademies. Op de Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam studeren dit jaar vier studenten af aan de afdeling TXT (textiel, text, context).

De tentoonstelling vindt plaats in de beide gebouwen van de Gerrit Rietveld academie gelegen aan de Frederik Roeskestraat 96 in Amsterdam en opent woensdag 5 juli om 16:00. Openingsuren zijn donderdag 6 juli (11:00-21:00 ), vrijdag 7 juli (11:00-21:00), zaterdag 8 juli (11:00-20:00) en zondag 9 juli (11:00-16:00).

Meer informatie vindt u op www.rietveldacademie.nl

De vier studenten die dit jaar afstuderen aan de afdeling TXT zijn:
(ze hebben een toelichting in het engels gemaakt, dat is gebruik op de academie)

Mira Liimatainen
It started four years ago as a humble obsession of creating the ultimate piece of black woollen
fabric. But as the making began, as the yarn grew longer and the fabric started to appear, the maker’s identity began to unravel at the same pace into a new raw material, waiting to be worked with.

Hanna Steenbergen
Restrictive qualities that become the itch that needs scratching.
The textile realm is a continious itch.

Sanne Bax (www.sannebax.com)
Tweed is a fabric that extracts its ingredients and colors from the land it grows on. This landscape -A Neatly Manicured Hedge- is a world within our existing concrete world.
Hunters used to wear tweed as camouflage and the only two things a sheep needs to grow wool are water and grass.

Anouk Beckers (www.anoukbeckers.nl)
With her collection A GARMENT TO UNRAVEL, Anouk Beckers graduates from both TXT and fashion department. The collection explores the fashion system and tries to reset it. Viewing garments as unfinished objects is the starting point of a modular fashion system. This collection offers a new perspective on clothing. It allows us to express our identity in a fluid way, in an everchanging world. This collection will be the basis of her label aNOUK BECKERS, a continuing exploration of co-creating fashion.
photo credit Eva Beeftink

Gerrit Rietveld Academie heeft een eigen Vimeo kanaal waar nog veel meer video's te zien zijn, ga naar: https://vimeo.com/rietveldacademie 

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